Bankers Almanac US Payments EPICWare

Bankers Almanac US Payments EPICWare provides accurate ACH payments processing information in a data file. Developed in conjunction with NACHA—The Electronic Payments Association—this innovative solution allows you to convert payments made by cheques into electronic payments file formats.

US Payments EPICWare allows you to:

  • Reduce ACH transaction failures, notification of changes, administrative returns, and more
  • Analyse routing numbers and account configurations to automatically provide ACH override routing numbers and account number repair algorithms for ACH processing
  • Utilise the solution as a lookup tool or integrated data file

Accuity delivers data you can trust

As the official registrar of ABA routing numbers since 1911, we’re dedicated to the accuracy of our data. What’s more, US Payments EPICWare is continuously updated and distributed to ensure you receive up-to-date information.

Benefits of Bankers Almanac US Payments EPICware

Bankers Almanac US Payments EPICWare provides:

  • Active US routing and transit numbers along with ACH routing numbers
  • Financial institution demand deposit account number structures
  • Repair algorithms to make deposit account number structures ACH capable
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