Bankers Almanac IBAN Payments File (formerly IBAN Data File)

Want to reduce the amount of time and effort your organisation spends researching and correcting International Bank Account Number (IBAN) transactions? Utilise comprehensive and up-to-date IBAN payments data trusted throughout the industry.

Bankers Almanac IBAN Payments File provides:

  • Regular updates to ensure you’re operating with accurate and comprehensive data
  • Coverage for all IBAN-compliant countries and territories
  • Multiple points of information, including addresses, individual bank branch codes, ISO country codes, and more

Convert your legacy data to IBAN

The IBAN Payments File enables you to convert legacy data so you can send payments into all countries where IBAN is the standard.

Benefits of IBAN Payments File

  • Make one-to-one IBAN matches for error-proof results
  • Increase efficiency by finding connected SWIFT/BICs for each IBAN
  • Improve the quality of outgoing foreign payments
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IBAN, BIC, STP, Straight Through Processing, MT103+, SWIFT messaging, SEPA, Single Euro Payment Area, Electronic Payments Council