Bankers Almanac Global Payments Data Cleanse

Keeping up with payments data for global suppliers, vendors, clients, and employees is a challenge. Constant banking changes can mean that the payment that goes through today may become invalid tomorrow. This form of payments data decay can put payments and your reputation at risk, especially if it’s not properly maintained over time.

With the Bankers Almanac Global Payments Data Cleanse service, you can trust that your outdated or incorrect payments information is removed and accurate information is sourced in its place.

Using an approach involving automated screening and manual review by our team of experts, our Global Payments Data Cleanse checks your data for accuracy before standardising, repairing, and harmonising it where necessary.

Global Payments Data Cleanse enables you to:

  • Enrich your legacy records with additional fields, such as SWIFT/BIC where needed
  • Reduce the risk of data decay in your current database
  • Ensure missing bank data doesn’t stop you from taking advantage of global business opportunities

Benefits of Global Payments Data Cleanse


Global Payments Data Cleanse provides:

  • Formatting, normalisation, and gap interpretation
  • Data validation against the Accuity database, including SWIFT/BIC, bank name, address and more
  • Manual intervention and repair of non-standard data sets

Data you can trust
Accuity maintains a comprehensive banking payments database, ensuring that clean data is delivered into your ERP system. More than 100 professionals across 30 different languages perform a rigorous data collection and validation process, ensuring that our intelligence on one million financial institution locations worldwide is accurate and up-to-date.


Take advantage of helpful add-ons from Accuity

Once you’ve utilised our Global Payments Data Cleanse service, you can ensure that your newly optimised data doesn’t fall into disrepair with our Global Payments ERP solution.

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