Bankers Almanac Global Banking Resource (formerly TGBR)

At the core of your payments processing, bank information and data must be accurate, timely, and accessible. This can be especially challenging as mergers and acquisitions, new routing code assignments, and regional regulatory issues drive regular changes to payments information.

Bankers Almanac Global Banking Resource keeps up with these changes so your team can focus on more valuable issues. Updated daily by a team of more than 100 data professionals, this solution provides easy access to accurate and up-to-date intelligence on global financial institutions. When you count on an industry-leading reference tool of SSIs, national clearing codes, SWIFT/BICs, and clearing system details, your team can save time processing payments while reducing the costs of failed payments.

This easy-to-use online lookup tool fits into the key steps in your workflow to increase the accuracy and efficiency of your payments processing.

Bankers Almanac Global Banking Resource allows you to:

  • Validate and enrich payments data
  • Increase rates of straight-through processing (STP)
  • Reduce the time and expenses associated with payment errors

Comprehensive and dependable

Accuity continually collects data from numerous sources around the world, validating its accuracy and enhancing it with critical banking information to ensure reliable intelligence. Daily, our team inputs changes to national clearing codes, bank branches, SSIs and more, giving you the confidence that your payment will process quickly and effectively.

Benefits of Global Banking Resource

  • SSI information, including SSI account number, SWIFT/BICs, department and payment details
  • Bank branch locations, subsidiaries, and officers
  • SWIFT/BICs, CHIPS UIDs and national clearing codes for countries worldwide
  • Bank contact details, ownership, and financial figures


Take advantage of multiple convenient formats

Looking for more ways to use Bankers Almanac data to drive efficiency in your payments processes? You can also access global payments intelligence as an web service or data file.

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BIC, CHIPS, ABA, SWIFT, Correspondents, Correspondents by currency, cross-border payments, electronic payment processing, payment straight through processing