Bankers Almanac Global Payments File Plus

When processing payments is at the core of what you do, bring accurate routing information into the core of your operations. The Global Payments File Plus provides regular updates of reliable and up-to-date financial institution data and routing information.

This flexible data file allows you to embed payments validation checks and enrichment across each step of your payments processing.

The Global Payments File Plus enables you to:

  • Automate the verification of your client’s data during your on-boarding process
  • Build in middle-office efficiency with an automated data enrichment process
  • Improve routing decisions through more effective back-office processes

Not only does this save time on manual payments processes, it provides greater confidence that the bank and routing data in payments will lead to greater straight-through processing—every time. \

Benefits of Global Payments File Plus


Accurate intelligence that drives automation throughout your payments processes.
With information on financial institutions globally, you’ll find everything you need to process domestic and cross-border payments, including:

  • Head office and branch mailing addresses
  • Department-specific contact information
  • National clearing codes
  • SSIs and clearing system details

Global Payments File Plus enables you to:

  • Increase efficiency of payment operations by reducing time spent validating and investigating
  • Improve competitive advantage by reducing payment delivery delays
  • Reduce operational risk by helping to ensure the integrity of payments data
  • Promote payments optimisation by establishing the use of standardised data
  • Enhance supplier and vendor relationships by helping to ensure timely payments
  • Reduce costs resulting from paying payments repair and rejection fees

Flexible formatting and critical supplements:

  • Consume global payments data the way you need it. We will work with you to find our best file format for your specific automation and processing needs
  • Take advantage of add-ons, such as the Local Language Supplement to drive further confidence in your payments processes in emerging markets


Take advantage of multiple convenient formats

Looking for more ways to use Bankers Almanac data to drive efficiency in your payments processes? You can also access global payments intelligence as a lookup tool or web service.

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BIC, CHIPS, ABA, UKSORT, BLZ, ABICAB, SWIFT, UIDs, Correspondents, Correspondents by currency, cross-border payments, payment straight through processing