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A volatile market environment, increased competition and new regulatory requirements have led to an adjusted internal management logic. Changed framework conditions—such as stricter regulatory requirements regarding capital, leverage ratio and liquidity—mean that transparency about essential management measures will increasingly become a critical factor for the success of banks. A comprehensive illustration of interdependen-cies between balance sheet structure, P&L, central management parameters and regulatory restrictions is indispensable for target-oriented and robust business segment planning. This integrated view is the only way to derive substantial strategic decisions in the current banking environment.


Total bank simulation uses an integrated simulation of all relevant target values to support strategic decision making based on assumptions about the economic and regulatory environment. They cover, among others, return on equity, cost-income ratio, growth measures for profit and balance sheet and also regulatory measures, such as Tier 1 ratio, leverage ratio, Basel II interest risk coefficient and the Basel III liquidity measures liquidity coverage ratio and net stable funding ratio, and can be enhanced with individual management measures as required. A frequently possible extension of the original management systems ensures a standardized and quick preparation of data for simulation purposes. 


Figure 3: Simulation of strategic measures


Main features

  • Comprehensive impact analysis of all relevant management parameters of the bank
  • Integrated simulation and planning of balance sheet, P&L, capital and availability of liquid re-sources for mapping dependencies and impact directions
  • Aggregation of all target entries to total bank measures (e.g. target CIR on total bank)
  • High flexibility and scalability regarding data connection, portfolio granularity and report design
  • Planning of strategic targets for operational planning via ROI trees


Technical requirements

zeb.control.strategy uses a modular and scalable system architecture that can be easily integrated in existing processes and system landscapes. It also comes with a comprehensive authorization system. Users benefit from a state-of-the-art front end that enables quick and efficient handling and allows administrators to safely operate the system.



  • zeb’s expert knowledge of total bank management
  • Implementation expertise gained at international institutions of different sizes and complexities
  • Low investment through integration into existing IT systems
  • Efficient and customizable solution
  • State-of-the-art technology 


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Product and service specifications
• DB2
• MS SQL Server
• Oracle
Language used
• Java
Operating system
• HP-Unix
• Linux
• Solaris
• Windows 10
• Windows 2000
• Windows 2003
• Windows 2012
• Windows 7
• Windows 8 & 8.1
User interface
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