DACS Analyser for Applications and Desktops

Significantly reduce operational cost by optimising and streamlining market data consumption


Today, market data constitute a significant cost factor for most financial institutions. It is required by many types of applications from front- to back-office as well as desktops, and usage is constantly increasing. Equally market data vendors find themselves under ever-growing competitive pressure. Together these trends lead to difficult negotiations of terms and conditions between banks and vendors. Typically several departments access market data and applications simultaneously, forcing banks to improve their understanding of market data usage in order to identify potential cost savings.

While Thomson Reuters’ DACS can generate detailed ad-hoc usage reports for individual users, some applications use multiple DACS logins, which makes it difficult to gain meaningful insights into data consumption . To uncover potential savings, one needs to aggregate regularly usage data from multiple DACS logins and across applications. Additionally, if corrective measures are taken, their effectiveness is often hard to judge, because systematic monitoring of market data usage is lacking.


Dashboards and fully automated reports

targit’s DACS Analyser regularly and systematically generates reports on market data usage in your organisation. An intuitive Web-based UI displays clear, crisp tables and charts that provide genuine insight, in-depth analysis and a powerful toolkit enabling you to take control of market data usage.

Application and Desktop Usage

  • Market data consumption per application and data package

  • Recognition of trends

  • Identification of cost drivers

Unique Usage

  • Total set of RICs used

  • Track of data usage reduction measures

  • Estimate total cost of market data consumed

Exclusive Usage

  • Highlight cost saving potential

  • Report per data package

Concrete/IDN Service Usage

  • Usage per application and TREP service

  • Supports migration from real-time to
    delayed feed

Quick Check

  • Daily total RIC-count per application

  • Dashboard with peak and usage
    trend analysis

  • Quick indication of irregularities


DACS Analyser benefits

  1. Comprehensive overview of Thomson Reuters market data usage

  2. Highly flexible and adjustable aggregation levels

  3. Full historization of regular analysis runs

  4. Immediate identification of outliers and cost drivers

  5. Advanced drill-down, even down to RIC-Level


Service offering

targit’s consulting services in the area of market data usage analysis comprise ad-hoc analyses as well as implementation of the DACS Analyser. The focus is project specific and determined by our customers. Specifically, targit offers the following services:

  1. Current state analysis of market data consumption by applications, users and desktops

  2. Analysis of the system landscape to determine applications relevant to market data usage

  3. Tailored integration of the automated DACS Analyser

  4. Training of the user base of the DACS Analyser

  5. Definition and prioritisation of concrete measures to reduce total market data usage in applications, based on the analysis results

  6. Support during implementation of these measures

  7. Analyses to support negotiations with market data vendors


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Product and service specifications
• Oracle
• PostgreSQL
Language used
• Java
• Perl
Operating system
• Linux
• Max OS X
• Solaris
• Windows 2012
• Windows 7
• Windows 8 & 8.1
• Windows Vista
Pricing structure
• Fixed
User interface
• Web
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