Corporate Actions

Effective governance of corporate actions processing is achieved through event-driven automation and active alerting for all corporate action events and proxy meetings. The management of frequently changing event details, under the pressure of notification and election deadlines across multiple intermediaries, requires a digitally optimised approach.

SmartStream’s corporate actions processing solution eases the operational drag associated with manual practices and inefficient systems. This future-proofed operation increases client service levels, addressing complex events and rising volumes while alleviating the risk of an erroneous event or a missed election.

Our approach incorporates real time processing for the complete event lifecycle: announcement capture and golden record management, position management, event broadcast and communication, election management, entitlement, reconciliation and posting.

It is available in a cloud environment or as a deployed solution.

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Corporate Actions, STP, Data Cleansing, Data Capture, Entitlements, Event Notification, Golden Record, SRDII, Proxy Voting