SmartStream’s reconciliations solutions automate and standardise processing to enhance match rates and operational insight. They incorporate comprehensive exception management, essential for the identification, prioritisation, allocation and audit of issues identified by reconciliations.

Our technology can be flexibly deployed and consumed through the cloud, as microservices, on-premise or via managed services. Integrated AI and machine learning capabilities empower business users, providing powerful analytical tools while reducing reliance on busy IT support teams.

Institutional banks, buy-side firms, neo-banks, payments service providers, corporates and telcos are using SmartStream’s solutions to improve risk management, boost operational performance, optimise manual touch points, and comply accurately with regulation.

The reconciliations we manage include:

AI Data Reconciliations - We offer cloud-native, AI-based technology that allows any data set to be compared in seconds, regardless of complexity and size.

Balance Sheet Substantiation - Our technology provides financial controllers with an auditable workflow, delivering improved visibility, control and productivity.

Cash - Inject greater visibility and control into the financial reconciliation of cash instruments, nostro, general ledger, suspense, internal and branch accounts.

Digital Payments - As digital payments grow in volume and type, organisations require real time control, and the ability to detect and investigate exceptions rapidly.

Exchange Traded Derivatives - Matching exchange traded derivatives and managing the ETD transaction lifecycle requires a huge amount of data. SmartStream technology allows firms to keep tabs on every data element.

Intersystems - Manage reconciliation breaks and operational risk with a single, automated control hub which processes all transaction types across multiple systems.

Payments Investigations - Automate SWIFT and RTGS payment investigations.

Post Trade Processing - A powerful control layer that consolidates fragmented infrastructures across asset classes and business lines – ensuring that all trade processing steps from execution through to settlement are based on correct and verified data.

Securities - Our technology delivers visibility and control when reconciling securities for trade settlements, transactions and holdings. Integrated tools automatically raise exceptions as they occur and improve break resolution efficiency.

Treasury Confirmations - SmartStream addresses the post trade confirmation needs of participants in the global securities markets with a fast, intelligent, enterprise-wide solution that automatically matches as many transactions as possible.

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