Prospero 365 Asset Management

Prospero 365 Asset Management is a revolutionary financial software designed to help today’s asset managers streamline their operations from decision-making through settlement—via one scalable platform.


  • Offers flexible installation options–onsite or online
  • Helps you create and review your strategic and tactical asset allocation
  • Manages private clients and institutional clients; proprietary portfolios and fundportfolios
  • Lets you trade any kind of financial instrument
  • Lets you create flexible investment restrictions and easily monitor compliance online
  • Warns you when investment restrictions are breached
  • Calculates more than 30 analytics including VAR, yield, duration and the Greeks; and allows for stress testing
  • Displays different exposure options and offers flexible slicing and dicing of portfolios
  • Lets you create single and composite benchmarks and compare your performance to theirs
  • Provides detailed performance attribution and contribution for any period of time
  • Calculates fees, including management fees, performance fees, hurdle rates, high water mark, and commissions
  • Projects cash flows for one or several portfolios displaying current and future balances of all instruments: cash, dividends, coupons, redemptions, deposits, forex, fees and even future transaction settlement with simulation capacities
  • Comes with industry-standard messaging interfaces that lets you stay connected to counterparties and providers 24/7 and reconcile your data with them
  • Includes a flexible, graphical reporting feature that gives your reports your firm’s look and feel
  • Allows you to create work flows with authorization rules for all types of orders
  • Includes a robust back-office that processes and settles all trades
  • Processes all types of corporate actions from voluntary to mandatory events, including standing orders


  • Short time to market: rapid implementation
  • Easy configuration: set-up is done through tables. No code and scripts are required
  • Flexible workflow settings: orders routing is flexible. Orders are routed from one department to the other with different authorization levels with pre-trade checks
  • All financial instruments coverage: any type of financial instrument including structured products and derivatives
  • Compliance and investment restrictions: online checks with warning or blocking messages, pre-trade or post trade reporting and alert to compliance officers
  • Audit: full audit trail of changes
  • Reporting: integrated report generator 
  • Intelligent Rules and Conditions engine: set-up any type of commission, any workflow, any fee schedule, any tax regulation using flexible tables
  • Implement at your pace: rollout Prospero in phases or by replacing entirely your system in one-go
Product and service specifications
• Oracle
Language used
• C#
• Java
Operating system
• HP-Unix
• Linux
• Solaris
• Windows 2012
Pricing structure
• Per seat
• Other
User interface
• Web
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