Safe Banking Systems - SAFE View

SAFE View is a customizable research, investigation and reporting tool that provides an immediate snapshot of all reference profiles, links, related entities and information. In addition to identifying high-risk entities, it allows for advanced link analysis by flagging a broader subset of friends, acquaintances and family members.  SAFE View consists of the following modules:

- Web Archive -- a repository of original source documents including articles and web pages   referenced in profiles. 

-  Friendly Domains -- provides descriptive domain names and visual icons to facilitate recognition of key details in information sources.

-  Circle of Friends -- displays all known associates and family members on a single screen, identifies at what level they are linked, and indicates their risk level.

-  The Shortest Path -- provides addi­tional detail on sanctions, PEPs and other entities identified as potentially high risk by displaying, on a single screen, the path between any two linked entities linked at any level.

-  Making the Connection -- identifies new accounts that are linked to each other or to accounts previously identi­fied as a potential risk — whether a customer or former customer.

-  SAFE News -- displays any new information sources for customers or former customers identified as true hits.

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anti-money laundering, compliance, KYC, CDD, EDD, sanctions, PEPs,