Advent Direct

The revolutionary cloud-based platform designed to accelerate mobility, productivity, and collaboration across your business.

Advent Direct® Platform – The technology backbone that unifies your firm and powers a wide range of productivity enhancing solutions.
Advent Direct® Investor Management – The first of many planned solutions that leverage the platform, enabling client-facing teams to better manage and grow client relationships.
Advent Direct® Data Services – Our next-generation data platform for receiving and exchanging data, connecting you with external data providers, custodians, and counterparties.
  • Cloud deployment
  • Integration with Advent and non-Advent systems
  • Platform for building proprietary solutions along with Advent-developed solutions
  • Optimal availability, elasticity, and scalability
  • Advanced security measures 
Product and service specifications
Charging basis for consultancy work
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Pricing structure
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investor management, CRM, data services