Outsourced Trading Surveillance

With an increasing range of financial instruments being offered, trading is becoming more and more complex. The market structure has also become more variable and complicated and the volumes of transactions have increased sharply.

At the same time the obligation has increased for the firms to monitor their trading activities in order to detect and report suspicious orders and trades. The ESMA Guideline on automated trading has clarified the monitoring demands and upcoming EU regulation on market abuse is expected to further increase these demands.

Effective market surveillance has become an area for experienced experts with access to advanced surveillance systems and comprehensive market data. 

To assist firms in achieving regulatory compliance regarding trade monitoring and surveillance, Trapets offers Outsourced Trading Surveillance, OTS. 

OTS is a fully outsourced service where a team of experts within Trapets perform the operational surveillance tasks on behalf of the client including detection, investigation, documentation and reporting of suspicious transactions. The service also includes the surveillance system InstantWatch Market along with its installation, implementation and setup. 

OTS include the entire spectrum of surveillance procedures- from installing and setting up the surveillance system to the operational surveillance tasks, including periodic and immediate feedback to the client. All cases of suspicious market abuse are reported back to the client for final decision.

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