Backed up by its long and extensive experience in the banking sector, ITS has developed the contemporary
ETHIX-Branch. ETHIX-Branch is designed to meet the needs of the front and back office teller operations. ETHIX-Branch is an application suite for retail banking, primarily a data entry, retrieval, and presentation system that interfaces to a variety of legacy host systems and other middleware products. ETHIX-Branch server can be centrally located at a data center or located in individual bank branches. A client contacts the bank through one of three channels, each of which is driven by the ETHIX-Branch client application. The bank representative uses the appropriate ETHIX-Branch functionality to provide an increased level of client service, accuracy of process and an improved sales culture focused on the role assigned.
Originally designed for the DNA architecture, ETHIX-Branch has evolved into a Smart Client design utilizing a Services Oriented .NET-based architecture both between the client and the business tier, and also internally within the client.

Product and service specifications
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Branch, SOA

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