BELLIN Consulting Services

BELLIN provides customers with the help and support they need to get their treasury management system and processes up and running and to make the most of them. We use project management as a tool to ensure the scope and objective of the project are defined, the project momentum is maintained, the steps to complete the project are clear and any issues that arise are resolved with a high level of care. Receiving project management services from the same consulting team managing the implementation creates synergies.

Let us guide you in implementing your TMS, designing an efficient treasury structure and optimizing your processes. Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Managing the technical TMS implementation
  • Integrating TMS functionalities in existing workflows
  • Developing operational and organizational structures
  • Developing and implementing FX risk hedging strategies for individual subsidiaries or a whole group of companies
  • Preparing policies and manuals
  • Selecting banking partners and introducing cash pools
  • Reducing the number of individual payment transactions
  • Reconciling intercompany relationships to prepare for settlement
  • Streamlining intercompany relationships by establishing netting structures
  • Introducing an efficient and proactive receivables management structure
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