tecconTR - MiFID, EMIR, FinfraG, SFTR regulatory reporting

Software solution for regulatory reporting

tecconTR ("targit electronic confirmation connector for Trade Repositories") is targit’s software solution in support of compliance with both the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) as well as the Swiss FMIA law (FinfraG in German), which enables reporting of all derivative contracts to a central repository. tecconTR continuously evolves to ensure compliance with ever changing regulatory requirements and currently supports EMIR, FinfraG, MiFIR and MiFID II.

The application is a stand-alone solution, which has been deployed and is in use with a variety of customers to comply with various regulatory reporting requirements and regulations.


tecconTR platform

The ‘targit Library for Integration and Interconnection’ (tLINC) is a modular and platform agnostic Java framework, offering interfaces to a wide variety of systems. tLINC’s modular design offers a flexible processing engine for a multitude of data streams and data transformation scenarios.

tecconTR is an enhanced version of targit’s tLINC framework and its architectural principles and core functionality are used optimally to offer reporting functionality to DTCC, REGIS-TR and SIX-TR:

  • Generic data input formats -> any ASCII/XML data type can be used.
  • Default plugins for EMIR and FinfraG and MiFIR in CSV format.
  • Input data integrity and transformation rules-engine related to reporting relevance and accuracy, as well as transformation into reporting data formats
  • Interface technology as supported by the respective data repositories, e.g.  FTP, Web-service.
  • Local database storage for auditing and reporting purposes.


Products and reporting modes

tecconTR complies with all product type as specified by EMIR and FinfraG.


Products and reporting modes

  • tecconTR complies with all product type as specified by EMIR and FinfraG
  • tecconTR fully supports all currently available reporting standards and formats.


tecconTR architecture

tecconTR’s architecture is simple, modern, robust, future proof and already complies with BCBS 239 requirements.


Performance and scalability

tecconTR is highly scalable and processes large amounts of data thanks to its parallel (thread) processing architecture. The number of threads can be configured and adjusted freely to match the hardware platform’s performance.

Typical processing speeds are:

  • In production: 15,000 transactions <1h, using low- to mid-range hardware
  • Internal stress tests: 60,000 transactions = 3h, using mid-range hardware.


targit’s services offering

  • targit fully complies with ESMA regulations and requirements.
  • targit is in close contact with all trade repositories (DTCC, REGIS-TR, SIX-TR) and has access to test systems and –documentation.
  • targit has successfully installed and deployed tecconTR’s interfaces to DTCC and REGIS-TR at a number of customers.

This enables targit to assist you with expert advice on:

  • Reporting levels in line with current requirements , process and lifecycle
  • Data mapping DTCC GTR, REGIS-TR and/or SIX-TR
  • Identification key management, e.g. LEI, UPI, and UTI
  • Technical implementation and interfacing to data repositories


For further information please contact info@targit.at or visit our website

Product and service specifications
• Other
Language used
• Java
Operating system
• Linux
Pricing structure
• Fixed
User interface
• Web
trade repository, EMIR, DTCC, REGIS-TR, SIX, MiFIR, FinfraG, MiFID II, MiFID 2, Confirmations, MarkitWire, ESM, OTC, Derivatives, RegTech

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