Imagine Financial Platform [IFP]

 IFP provides a cloud-based environment for the financial community to use and create applications—Imagine Apps—that leverage, customize, and extend the Imagine Trading System in a limitless manner.

Built in IFP or acquired through the Imagine Marketplace, Imagine
Apps can be:

·         As simple as a personalized view for an existing function

·         As utilitarian as automating end-of-day processes, or

·         As intricate as a Monte Carlo pricing model

Freedom for Everyone to Create Apps Tailored to Their Exact Needs

IFP imparts the power to fulfill your vision and the ability to control the development process. No more trade-offs, no more compromises, everyone gets exactly what they need.

Imagine App Development is FAST

IFP is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment that taps into Imagine's award-winning risk and portfolio management system. IFP is easy-to-use and enables the development and deployment of apps in days rather than months.

Access to a Global Marketplace

An ongoing stream of customizable apps is available via the Imagine Marketplace, a community where Imagine, users, and third parties come together to exchange apps that draw upon the collective experience of financial professionals from around the world.

Learn how you can utilize IFP for the creation of custom-designed analyses, automated workflows and business operations spanning a wide range of categories

>         Regulatory Compliance                       >         Reporting
>         Pricing                                                 >         Optimization
>         Scenario Analysis                                >         Margin Monitoring
>         Risk Management                                >         Performance and Attribution
>         Transaction Analysis


Product and service specifications
Charging basis for consultancy work
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Language used
• Java
Operating system
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Pricing structure
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User interface
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risk management, portfolio management, platform, software development