SunGard’s Monis suite of products provides analysis and modeling, pricing, trading and portfolio management tools supporting a wide range of asset classes, including convertible bonds, equity options, FX options and interest rate derivatives. Used by more than 350 institutions and over 100 hedge funds, Monis has become a standard for the convertible and capital markets.

Monis Offers

  • Expert analysis, pricing and hedging of convertible bonds products
    Monis Analyzer is a specialist system purpose built to deal with the wide variety of different structures found in the convertibles market, helping you analyze the hybrid risk exposures of convertible securities and cross-asset-class positions.
  • Spreadsheet-based pricing, analysis and hedging tools for convertible bonds and other equity-linked securities
    Monis XL goes beyond traditional calculator-style templates by offering user-friendly functionality including customized reporting tools, powerful sensitivity analysis and seamless integration of external data sources
  • High quality data on convertible bonds
    Monis Data Service ensures you always have the latest data on convertible bonds and other equity-linked securities, in a format that can easily be integrated.
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