tdist - targit data distributor for market and static data

targit's tdist server provides easy snapshot access to realtime or delayed market data as well as to static and historical data. Multiple market data sources like Thomson Reuters, Telekurs, etc. are supported. tdist also allows for feed customizations based on its flexible plugin architecture, i.e., enrichment of locally held static data, cross referencing of identifiers, replication of certain market data flows for scenario testing or regression tests, etc.


It offers easy to use APIs (C/C++/Java/Cobol) for simple integration and decouples data consuming applications from the vendor interfaces. It is extremely fast (10.000 queries/sec), highly scalable, and provides built in mechanisms to ensure high availability.

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Product and service specifications
• N/A
Language used
• C
• C++
• Cobol
• Java
Operating system
• Linux
• Solaris
Pricing structure
• Fixed
• Volume-based
User interface
• Terminal
Market Data, Realtime, Delayed, TS1, Times, Sales, static, historical, RMDS, Telekurs MDF, Reuters