Omni Defined Benefit

Omni provides a set of tools to help your business manage pension recordkeeping and administration functionality in the global landscape. By offering global, Web-based access to plan participants and sponsors, a high level of automation in trading transactions, benefit disbursement, and a commitment to self-improvement, Omni helps your business capitalize on the trend towards increased asset growth in pension investing worldwide.

  • Available as a licensed installation, or a software-as-a-service / ASP basis or through full-service outsourcing
  • Customizable to meet your exact needs with Scripting language features
  • Automatically reconciles trading transactions and benefit disbursements
Omni Defined Benefit offers a multi-tool approach to benefits administration including annuity calculating and tracking, Web account access, retirement forecasting based on user provided variables, and tax maintenance. Defined Benefit is available in tandem with Defined Contribution. At present, only SunGard offers a defined benefit participant recordkeeping solution that can be integrated with its defined contribution solution.
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Product and service specifications
• MS SQL Server
• Oracle
• Other
Language used
• Cobol
• Java
• Visual Basic
• Other
Operating system
• HP-Unix
• IBM i (i5/OS)
• Windows 2000
• Windows 2003
• Windows 7
• Windows NT4
• Windows Vista
• Windows XP
Pricing structure
• Fixed
• Volume-based
User interface
• Web
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