SLIB Clearing & Settlement Suite


SLIB offers a wide range of software solutions to assist all post-trade activities. These tools, included in the SLIB Clearing & Settlement Suite, enable you to securely monitor the whole processing chain up to the final transactions settlement: from Client/market matching to the comprehensive management of settlement instructions.

The SLIB Clearing & Settlement Suite includes a set of products particularly suited to the requirements of the following lines of businesses:

  • Broker dealer
  • Individual Clearer
  • Global Clearer
  • Investment Bank

The SLIB Clearing & Settlement Suite facilitates the following business processes:

  • Clearing management
  • Follow-up of clearing positions
  • Client/market matching


  • Monitoring of information from CCP, in direct or indirect mode, and management of the various algorithms of netting (CNS, SDN, TDN)
  • Monitoring of clearing positions at different levels of aggregation
  • The system design is based on the international standards for exchanging settlement instructions (ISO 15022 and soon 20022)
  • SWIFT compliant management of the various settlement parties
  • Multi-depositary management of client accounts
  • Provisional management of the settlement securities
  • Multiple parties supported
  • Automated reconciliation of positions
  • Help functions to solve the matching differences


The SLIB Clearing & Settlement Suite consists of 6 components which you can pick and choose according to your individual needs:


SLIB CMS (Clearing Management System) is a flow manage-ment and consultation tool for clearing activities that provides interactive management of the real time clearing session:
  • Monitoring of information provided by the CCPs: reference data and trades
  • Real-time monitoring of positions on the accounts
  • Clearing actions on trades and positions
SLIB CMS also provides an automatic device that enables transmission of clearing actions to various CCPs on the basis of instructions from another system, such as SLIB Posting or any other external system.
SLIB CMS feeds in real time feed the SLIB Position Management System.

SLIB Position Management System

SLIB Position Management System is a position management and consultation tool for clearing activities and manages the positions at different levels of aggregation.
SLIB Position Management System also supports:
  • Real time supply of SLIB Matching, SLIB module designed for client/market matching
  • Real time update of SLIB Settlement, SLIB module for payment against delivery
  • Market accounting
  • Corporate actions on movements
  • Preparation of pro forma settlement balances between D and D+2
  • Settlement preparation processing and difference accounting
SLIB Posting SLIB Posting takes care of the entire set of posting processes and hence the administrative preparation of transactions for the back office, according to the following stages:
  • Acquisition and centralization of upstream flows: executions, allocations and intermediate operations for preparing allocations
  • Final valuation of the allocations: end of the day valuation of associated allocations (Accept/Reject, …)
  • Flexibility of computing legal and commercial expenses
  • Broadcasting validated allocations to the downstream application (production of detailed transactions reporting) and initiation of settlement instructions
SLIB Matching
The client/market matching function guarantees the consistency of your market activity with your client allocations. This matching should highlight any differences and/or matches detected to enable your back office to make the necessary adjustments.
SLIB Matching fulfils this need.
SLIB Settlement SLIB Settlement centralises all Settlement instructions into a single database to simplify the management, monitoring and coordination of these instructions, regardless of their origin and the dialogue mode of those involved. Settlement instructions can be:
  • internal: generated automatically by SLIB Posting when customers gave their standing preferred instructions for redelivering their transactions
  • external: received from external systems via an API
  • produced by the SLIB Position Management System module on the basis of flows received from the clearing chambers, to allow you to monitor the settlement of the market side of your activity
It has multi-netting capacities not only on Market but also on OTC activities.
SLIB Settlement is provided with a sophisticated device of management supplying interactive dashboards with revealing of the exceptions.
SLIB Reconciliation Custodians with a multiple-depositary clientele must provide global position keeping per depositary and per security and matching between their client positions and the balance held by the various depositaries.
SLIB Reconciliation provides a solution to these essential requirements of your profession, broadening the role of the depositary to all those who manage credits for third parties: French central depositary (Euroclear France), local depositaries, Custodians and Global Custodians, Global Clearers in relation to their traders.


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