TLM Cash & Liquidity Management

As cash management moves to an intra-day process, banks and corporates need real-time information to identify long and short positions. SmartStream’s TLM Cash & Liquidity Management provides a real-time view of cash positions to support better liquidity and risk management.

TLM Cash & Liquidity Management helps firms to consolidate siloed systems into a single enterprise-wide solution to gain a global, holistic view of all money movements. Tracking real-time positions rather than predicted balances helps to avoid relying on costly intra-day borrowing to boost liquidity.

TLM Cash & Liquidity Management provides the visibility into cash movements needed to support more effective investment and fund management. Surplus positions can be tracked, managed and used more efficiently. Funds can therefore be fully utilised as shortfalls are projected and any same day fails accounted for prior to market closure.

By managing positions in real-time rather than relying on manual forecasts from multiple systems reconciled at the end-of-day, credit and operational risk can be reduced. TLM Cash & Liquidity Management supports efforts to maximise available opportunities to utilise capital effectively and secure the best return for banks and their customers.

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Transaction lifecycle management, cash management, reconciliations, exception management, STP, TLM