The pandemic & It’s Aftermath May Have Forced Banks & Corporate Treasurers to Move the LIBOR Transition -To-SONIA, To-SOFR & To-SARON, Down Their Priority List

13 July 2020

The pandemic and it’s aftermath may have forced Banks and Corporate Treasurers to move the LIBOR Transition -To-SONIA,  To-SOFR and To-SARON, down their priority list

Due to  COVID-19’s damaging impact on world economies, these banks and corporate treasurers have been presented with new priorities. However, it is still anticipated that the LIBOR Transition to SONIA will take place as expected in 2021.

We in Salmon Software know that the LIBOR Transition is not going to be an easy ride for treasurers. Without a system,  calculating rates’ settings and accruals which are complex and difficult, represents a formidable challenge Employing EXCEL as a solution will be an awkward and inelegant solution. EXCEL may be just about get you by on managing a very small loan portfolio, but it just won’t scale to loan books of even a modest size

We at Salmon Software have been researching and developing our “LIBOR Transition” solution for 2 years now.
We have already transitioned some loans for our clients and we are offering this service to our other clients now and in the coming months.

In the 4th quarter, we will be launching our Cloud-based LIBOR Transition Product and  Service to non-clients which includes portfolio management, rates settings, accruals and sophisticated dynamic dashboard reporting.

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