Video: Financials embracing cloud benefits

By Michael McCaw | 19 September 2019

“Financial institutions – and in general large corporations – are more willing to accept cloud solutions and little by little they are taking their systems and solutions and putting them on the public cloud, recognising the fact that the public cloud companies can operate the cloud at much better efficiency and scale than they can do on their own,” according to Eli Rosner, chief product and technology officer, Finastra.

Rosner was speaking at the firm's central London offices, shortly after Finastra's was announced as the Best Cloud Platform in the 2019 bobsguide Awards. 

Financial institutions are becoming reliant on the cloud as their business model changes, added Rosner.

“They are becoming more comfortable deploying on the cloud because of the combination of computing power with the vast amount of data – and the different types of data becoming available – they can do better fraud detection, manage their risk better, and be more compliant with regulations,” he said.


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