Tackle Loyalty Fraud with Comarch at the 2019 LFPA Conference

15 October 2019

St. Petersburg, 28.10.2019 - 29.10.2019

As a leader in loyalty fraud prevention and cyber security, Comarch is excited to sponsor the 2019 Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association (LFPA) Fall event. The LFPA is dedicated to providing companies and organizations involved in Loyalty Programs with a platform that will provide a central resource for those with a responsibility to detect and prevent fraud and to establish and share best working practices. According to Peter Maeder, the Secretary of the LFPA, their mission is simple; “to support the industry in its fight to reduce and eliminate Loyalty Fraud.”

The LFPA Conference will explore best practices in mitigating the growing problem of fraud in Loyalty Programs through a series of speaking sessions, panels, and networking opportunities. During the conference, attendees will be able to hear from experts about solutions to reduce loyalty fraud, account take-overs, and other revenue leakages faced by loyalty programs. The conference aims to promote support of the loyalty industry with the information, resources, and tools necessary to fight fraud.
Members of both the Cyber Security and Loyalty teams from Comarch will be taking the stage on Tuesday, October 29 to speak on how loyalty program owners can work with IT to stop account takeover and minimize fraud and cyberattacks.

About Comarch
Comarch is a global IT business solutions provider specializing in forging client relationships to maximize customer profitability and optimize operational and business processes. As a provider of end-to-end loyalty marketing solutions as well as cyber security software, Comarch has gained multi-industry experience through work with clients across the globe, including FMCG companies, telecoms, financial institutions, and travel companies, such as JetBlue Airways, Heathrow Airport, and BP.
Today, Comarch is an established leader in creating and implementing loyalty programs, preventing loyalty fraud, and reducing cyber-attacks. Our loyalty software supports the entire loyalty value chain, from helping to build and manage loyalty programs, creating rich consumer experiences and personalized interactions across multiple touch points, to automating marketing processes and boosting profits. Comarch’s Loyalty Fraud Detection functionality uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms which allow program managers to react immediately to any potential loyalty fraud case – before it can cause any damage. Our Cyber Security software offers businesses a deep, comprehensive overview of their vulnerability landscape in order prevent cyber-attacks and mitigate business risks.

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