Asset and wealth management solutions driving competition

3 July 2019

As profit lines continue to narrow and competition increases, having a system that will stand out in a highly populated sector is crucial.

To help you navigate through the increasing number of asset and wealth management solutions, we’ve put together a list of those making an impact in the industry at the moment.


Founded in 2007 as a spin off of Automatic Data Processing (ADP) and based in the US, Broadridge is used by 225 asset managers for its portfolio and order management solutions. In June the company announced the move of Northern Trust’s Distributed Leger Technology for private equity asset services to Broadridge, which it hopes will be a significant step for the industry.

Calypso Capital Markets

Calypso Technology is a cloud enabled cross asset solution. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Calypso was established in 1997. In June, the company announced its partnership with IHS Markit to provide Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR) reporting capabilities.


A provider of cloud-based portfolio analysis software, StatPro has 12 offices globally. In June StatPro announced a partnership with JP Morgan’s data and analytics business. The venture will join StatPro’s analytics platform, StatPro Revolution, with JP Morgan’s fixed income benchmark indices.


Autorek provides asset managers with a data management solution and helps firms to comply with reporting rules particularly with Client Assets Sourcebook (CASS) requirements. The company was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland.


Temenos’ WealthSuite solution offers wealth managers compliance automation as well as back office functions. The company is based in Geneva, Switzerland and was established in 1993. The company boasts a “progressive approach” allowing users to implement parts of the suite as they require it.

Crealogix Invest

Founded in 1996, Crealogix provides end-client users with a single wealth management platform. The platform is accessible on any device and includes access to the latest market data, news, and analysis.  


Quantifi’s portfolio management system enables integration between front, middle, and back office functions. This London based company was established in 2002.  The company recently announced that it was chosen by Ellington Management Group to enhance its reporting functions.


FIS’ asset management software offers solutions for portfolio management, trading, and transaction cost analysis to reconciliation and operations management. The company specifies its solution is for all types of asset manager: the traditional, hybrid, or alternative.


A provider of accounting, general ledger, investment analysis and reporting in a single platform, FundCount focuses on streamlining streamlining back-office functions through its automated workflow. The company was established in 1999 and is headquartered in Boston in the US.


Winner of this year’s bobsguide award for best asset management solution, Simcorp’s IT software has developed over decades, since its launch in 1971. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the company provides integrate solutions across the globe. Simcorp’s offerings are used by asset managers, fund managers, asset servicers, pension and insurance funds, wealth managers and sovereign wealth funds. 

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