3 Value at Risk (Var) Stress Test Reports at No Cost

11 July 2019

Effective Immediately: In an effort to equalize the “performance” expectations between emerging and large managers, and prove the power of Theorem, managers may now request up to 3 Value at Risk and multi-scenario stress testing requests at no cost.

Traditionally, the decision on when to implement risk analytics has been difficult. SaaS based offerings have made it much easier. With low or no upfront costs, fast onboarding times and ready access to advanced capabilities there are few, if any, downsides.

Theorem believes that enabling risk analytics earlier in a fund’s lifecycle creates less risk for investors – and recognizes it’s a small step towards leveling the playing field when it comes to capital raising.

Managers should have access to position level, portfolio level and multi-portfolio level models. In addition, they should be able to run multi-model Value at Risk (VaR) as well as multi-scenario stress testing.

Theorem’s Post-Trade Management platform is ready to prove the value of their risk assessment module with this exclusive limited time, high value offer – up to 3 Value at Risk and Multi-Scenario Stress Test requests – at no cost to your company.

Ready to lower Your Risk? Email us today to request more information: Derek@Theorem.io


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