Exclusive interview for Mr. Esam Alkheshnam the CEO

14 November 2018

The innovative "ETHIX Finance" solution delivers numerous advantages to financial institutions.

International Turnkey Systems (ITS) is a key player in the provision of advanced technology solutions and products that are designed specifically for traditional and Sharia-compliant banks and financial institutions. 

Aligned with its development strategy, the Group has recently expanded into new markets, particularly in Africa, through the signing of several key agreements with a number of banks and financial institutions where ITS has leveraged its in-depth experience and long track record of success, differentiated products, as well as expert human capital to gain competitive advantage.

Group CEO, Essam Ibrahim Alkheshnam said: "Since my appointment as ITS CEO, I have reviewed and reevaluated the Company strategy, considering economic changes in the region as well as in other emerging markets, and assessing ITS global market share compared to our competitors. Our strategic focus is on three main themes. Firstly, to continue to provide the best products and services to our customers; Secondly to invest in the development of new, innovative products in order to maintain our market leading position, keep abreast of global technological innovations, and meet customer needs, and Thirdly; to enter new and promising markets. In relation to the latter, the Group has, despite fierce competition, succeeded in obtaining several contracts, in these potentially lucrative markets. despite the fierce competition in these markets.

He also mentioned that the strategy of investing in the development of new products has seen the company win a number of international awards whilst offering its lauded digital technology solution, "ETHIX Digital Suite", to more than 9 companies over the last 2 years.

​Expansion into new markets

in line with the Group's future plans for global growth and deployment, ITS is focusing its efforts on further expansion in the Middle East, North and Central Africa region and the Caribbean. In particular, ITS is currently offering its products and services in the western region of Morocco and the Russian Commonwealth (CIS).

Akheshnam says: "After the successes achieved in the markets in which we already operate, and given the rapid growth witnessed by the Islamic banking ITS is substantially expanding its geographic footprint and our international team of specialized IT experts continues to be a key element in the success of our expansion strategy."

Innovative solutions

The most important element of the Company's success is its ability to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of an industry that is on the verge of transformation and develop solutions that meet those needs. "ETHIX" Islamic finance is a comprehensive solution that provides multi - channel services, whether for individuals or companies, in the field of Islamic finance and investment. These include core banking system, trade finance system, advanced profit calculation engines, and digital technology solutions through the "ETHIX Digital Suite" that automate branch procedures, create Digital Branches (XTM), and offer advanced reporting, as well as a number of other distinctive products and services.

Adds Al Kheshnam : "ETHIX" is a technological advanced solution that provides support to financial institutions in their continuous quest to reach an advanced operational level and keep abreast of changing customer demands and markets, and, lower operational costs and increase profitability. ETHIX simply delivers the highest levels of customer satisfaction and organisational performance.

Al- Kheshnam added: "The rapid growth and transformation of the Islamic financial services sector is demanding constant innovation from banks and financial institutions. ETHIX supports organizational innovation and enhances the level of services provided to customers ensuring competitive advantage.

Best provider

Underscoring ITS continued market leadership, the Company has won more than 15 international awards over the last five years. It was most recently awarded "The Best Technology Solutions Provider for Islamic Banks for 2018".

"These awards confirm the continued success of ITS and its pioneering role in providing technology solutions that meet the requirements of Sharia'a compliant financial and banking institutions."

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