Salmon Software - The Salmon of Knowledge – An Bradán Feasa

8 May 2018

With the UK ACT approaching fast and as many of our customers and indeed prospective clients have asked us here at Salmon Software, “where does the company name come from?” we thought we would share the story with you.

Whilst we have a shortened version of the story on our website, we decided to go a step further by relaying to you the full story of one of the great tales of Irish folklore and what it has to do with Salmon.

So, once upon a time....

In his pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, Fionn Mac Cumhal, who will one day become the leader of the great Irish hunter-warriors Na Fianna, went to live along the banks of the river Boyne with Finegas – a great Irish poet and wiseman of the day, renowned for his vast knowledge. Finegas knew more about the ways of the world than anyone else in Ireland.

Despite Finegas’ vast knowledge he was unable to answer all the questions Fionn had for him – “is there a way to know everything?” Fionn would ask, always eager for more knowledge. This was the same question that had brought Finegas himself to the banks of the Boyne in the first place. A similar attitude is what drives Salmon Software in its pursuit of excellence.

It had once been told by the Druids of old that living in a still, dark pool in the shade of the overhanging hazel trees was the Salmon of Knowledge. It was as a result of eating these magical hazelnuts which fell from the hazel trees that allowed the salmon to acquire all the knowledge in the world. And so it was, according to prophesy, that he who first ate the salmon would gain the knowledge for themselves – much like our clients who swap the spreadsheets for our TMS platform when they realise they now have all the relevant knowledge at their fingertips, therefore facilitating faster, easier, more accurate treasury operations.

Finegas had been living on the banks of the Boyne for years, in search of this salmon so as to acquire the knowledge for himself. One day, as himself and Fionn were fishing, they finally caught the salmon.
They reeled the salmon ashore and Finegas instructed Fionn to build a fire and begin cooking the salmon. As he went to get more firewood, Finegas warned Fionn that, whatever he did, Fionn was not to eat a single piece of the salmon. Finegas wanted to acquire the knowledge for himself. Fionn dutifully agreed and went about cooking the salmon. As he was cooking the fish, he noticed a blister appear on the skin of the salmon. He burst it with his thumb, but in doing so burnt himself and so stuck his thumb in his mouth to relieve the pain. As Finegas returned with the firewood, he noticed Fionn had a different air about him. “Have you eaten the salmon?” he questioned. “No”, replied Fionn, and proceeded to explain what had happened. Finegas knew at that point the prophesy was not for him to fulfill, but Fionn’s destiny instead. Fionn was confused. He didn’t feel any different to how he had felt before. “If it was your thumb that you first burned, then it is your thumb that will hold the source of knowledge from now on”. When Fionn began sucking the burn on his thumb he felt all the world’s knowledge wash over him.

Finegas instructed Fionn to leave, as there was nothing else that Fionn could learn from Finegas. “You will be a great leader Fionn, use the knowledge from the Salmon to guide you in your life”. And so it was to be that when Fionn grew up he did in fact become a great leader. He became leader of the Fianna, who are the greatest band of warriors Ireland has ever known and he has the Salmon of Knowledge to thank.

Akin to Finegas, Salmon Software is in its own pursuit of knowledge through constant development of our technology for the purposes of facilitating corporate finance decisions from a treasury perspective.

Much like when Fionn Mac Cumhal sucked his thumb to obtain the knowledge of the salmon in an instant, our clients have convenient and immediate access to all of their entire treasury portfolio via the easily-navigable Salmon Treasurer platform, thus allowing them to make relevant, informed and knowledgeable decisions in the same way Fionn made leadership decisions for the Fianna.

Should you wish to discover further information about Salmon Software or Salmon Treasurer then please feel free to visit us at stand 66 or on our website at

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