How the countdown to GDPR is unfolding | Editor's picks

By David Beach | 2 March 2018

In preparation for the next podcast in our Fintalk series - Ready for GDPR? - we've pulled together our most popular articles on the financial industry's 'favourite' upcoming legislation. From a consumer perspective, data protection rights, engendered by GDPR, are a much needed catch up to the huge advancements in data aggregating and sharing capabilities.  

From the perspectives of the CIOs and designated DPOs of the financial industry, GDPR is a real headache to sit down, pull departments together and meet the 25th of May deadline. 

Hear from the experts in our Fintalk on GDPR

On Wednesday the 7th of March at 3pm, we'll hear from Joanna de Fonseka, Associate at Baker & McKenzie, Ria Halme, Director of Halme Ltd and Dov Goldman, the third party & regulatory compliance specialist of Opus, who'll offer their rounded expert insight into how the industry is faring and clarifying outstanding grey areas.

Anyone still unsure about GDPR, register to listen in or (save for later) and submit your GDPR specfic questions for our panellists.   

100 day countdown to GDPR: Everything you need to know

What GDPR means in practice has been far from simple, and in the last 12 months, businesses have been in denial, at best, in reluctant acceptance of the legislation and have now been tasking their Legal teams with making sense of how GDPR will affect their specific business.

To this end, bobsguide spoke to Jason Tooley, VP Northern Europe Veritas, for his industry insight on where businesses are at with GDPR as well as providing a handy To-Do list for CIOs.

How Danske Bank uses third parties to clean data for GDPR | Analysis of the deal

bobsguide sat down with Marion Rybnikar, Head of Data at Danske Bank UK, and Stuart Harvey, CEO of Datactics, to discuss the monolithic task of data management in the face of GDPR and PSD2.

What financial services can learn from the Uber breach and when preparing for GDPR

Dov Goldman of Opus, outlines exactly how the concealed Uber breach came about, what GDPR would have thought and how big businesses can prevent data breaches in the future.

Why GDPR and PSD2 are huge opportunities and not threats for banks

This year, two new pieces of legislation will come into force that will transform data management within UK banks. The first, the Payment Services Directive (PSD2), sets out to create a new era of openness; requiring banks to allow Third Party Providers (TPPs) direct access to customer payment account information – provided customers give consent. The second, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), demands that all businesses, including banks, take steps to further protect personal data, while giving data owners new rights around the access to and portability of their data.

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