Levyx Caps a Banner Year with Milestone Achievements and Escalating Momentum for 2018 Applications Performance Improvements of Up to 30x & Customer Gains Provide Foundation for Growth

31 January 2018

Levyx Inc., whose high-performance, ultra-low latency data processing software dramatically reduces Big Data infrastructure complexity and costs, concluded 2017 with strong industry validation and technological advancements that the company will build upon in 2018. Over the last 12 months, Levyx has demonstrated the extreme flexibility of its enterprise system software across multiple CPU, GPU, and FPGA platforms, on many of the world’s leading Flash and non-volatile memory (NVM) devices, and on a multitude of server types, with dramatic performance enhancements in several of the most prolific Big Data applications.

Levyx continues to fill the void of system software that helps bridge the performance gap that exists between leading edge hardware and the decades-old software stack that typically sits on top of it. The company has invested considerable resources in “qualifying” its software with as many hardware providers (device and system manufacturers) as possible, remaining hardware-agnostic and software-only in its approach to delivering solutions to the marketplace, and expanding its interfaces and software personalities horizontally across key big-data platforms and application domains. Levyx counts the following among its significant achievements:

  • Tested and validated its performance on hardware from IBM, Intel, Micron, Microsemi, Samsung, Qualcomm,  Netapp, and Western Digital, among others
  • Highlights of this testing include early access to the following leading emerging NVM products:
    • Intel Optane™ – Enabled Optane drives to outperform DRAM, positioning it as viable option for in-memory applications (i.e. Memcached)
    • Samsung Z-Drives™ – Samsung published a white paper touting a “Real-time, Low Latency, Key-Value Solution Combining Samsung and Levyx’s Helium™ Data Store” that highlighted >2.6X improvement in ops/sec and 2.5X reduction in latency over Samsung’s own comparable NVMe SSD
  • Demonstrated Levyx software advantages through extensive testing on leading ARM-based server platforms (pending published results) and x86-based platforms
  • Validated on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Softlayer; other cloud platforms in evaluation

On the application side, Levyx has shattered performance barriers and repeatedly shown dramatic improvements in the performance characteristics of many of the most prolific Big Data applications. The following are a few of the highlights:

  • Active pipeline for embedding Helium as a performance engine into various ISV platforms, including QuasarDB for Fintech applications
  • Have demonstrated exceptional performance enhancements to the following applications:
    • Up to 30X improvement in RocksDB ops/sec
    • Up to 2X reduction in execution times of TPCDS/H workloads running Apache Spark on Flash-based nodes (versus DRAM used  in conventional Spark installations)
    • Enabled Memcached to run on NVM at comparable performance thresholds as in-memory execution, adding persistence, density, and power efficiency  as major benefits
  • STAC Benchmark Council: Broke the STAC A3 Benchmark related to algorithmic trading; achieved 30X performance improvement at 33% lower cost of the prior record-holding implementation
  • Joint work with Intel’s PSG team (former Altera) on a solution using a combination of Xenon and FPGAs in Risk Management applications
  • Technical Partner certification with Hortonworks at the Modern Data Solutions (MDS) level gives Levyx the opportunity to showcase our integrations through certification and marketing activities
  • Speaking engagements to engineering teams at Facebook (regarding RocksDB optimizations) and Databricks (regarding Flash optimizations)

Other company highlights include:

  • Increased company roster to 25 people; the company also intends to hire 7-10 engineering interns from local universities for its Summer Internship program
  • Over 15 patents filed/pending, including around core IP with an emphasis on Flash/NVM; significant anchor patent recently granted
  • Signing a leading distributor in Japan to help target local OEMs and target the burgeoning IoT and Big Data opportunities in that region

Reza Sadri, CEO of Levyx, said: “While 2017 was an important year for validation of Levyx’s technology, 2018 is shaping up to be the year of accelerating monetization for Levyx. With lots of interest from our OEM partners in licensing the technology and very definable and repeatable sales opportunities in the financial sector, our outlook is bright.”

Edouard Alligand, CEO of QuasarDB, recently confirmed Levyx’s value-add to Fintech solutions: “We chose Levyx’s Helium product because it significantly enhances the performance of Quasar’s database implementation in certain applications. It also provides a reliable persistence layer and allows our data flow to bypass the file system. Furthermore, Helium was very easily embedded into our technology.”

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