Bob’s guide to asset management systems survey results… what the industry thinks of fintech

By Alex Hammond | 11 January 2018

In late 2017 bobsguide surveyed its investment management community in order to better understand how the asset management software market is currently perceived.

We asked asset managers, investment banks, consultancies, and asset management fintech vendors to tell us about their current tech purchasing habits, the obstacles firms are looking to overcome through outsourcing asset management solutions, priorities when comparing systems, and concerns that would prevent a solution procurement.

The results make for a fascinating insight into the perception of asset management technology, over the next few weeks we will use these results in conjunction with interviews and comment from many of those who completed the survey in order to give a fuller picture of the state of asset management systems.

Today we publish the results of the survey; thank you to the almost 200 asset management industry professionals who replied to our survey, you have provided valuable visibility of the industry that we could not have had sight of without you. 

Who completed the survey?

What profession do you work in?

In which country is your company based?

What is the revenue of your company?

What is the size of your AUM?

Asset management systems purchasing decisions

Have you acquired new asset management technology in the past 12 months?

What is your current level of satisfaction with regards to the asset management technology you operate?

Are you looking to adopt new asset management technology or augment the system you currently have?

What are the issues you wish to solve with fintech? (select more than one option if applicable)

In your opinion, is there technology in the market that addresses firms’ key pain points?

What concerns would prevent you acquiring new asset management technology? (select more than one option if applicable)

Which emerging technology most interests you?

Who is the principal decision maker for purchasing new technology in your business?

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