The asset management landscape post-MiFID II implementation: So what happens now?

By Alex Hammond | 5 February 2018

This Wednesday at 3pm GMT (10am EST) bobsguide will be hosting a free online live panel discussion titled: The asset management landscape post-MiFID II implementation: So what happens now?

For the entirety of 2017 the asset management industry was counting down to January 3 2018, the implementation date of MiFID II. A lack of clarity on how the regulator was expecting firms to comply dominated MiFID II preparation, so is the picture clearer post-implementation? What should firms’ next move be? And how does fintech fit into the picture?

Questions that this webinar will answer include:

Do we now have a clearer picture of what the asset management landscape looks like in practice in a post-MiFID II world?

Where should asset management firms now be in relation to MiFID II compliance?

Compliance success stories – which firms stand out?

What role should the regulator now play in educating firms re: MiFID II?

How will the regulator deal with firms that were not prepared for MiFID II implementation?

Can MiFID II be immediately enforced? If not, then how long until it can?

Webinar attendees will also have the opportunity to ask the expert panel their own questions at the end of the discussion.

The expert panel will consist of:

Cosmo Wisniewski, Director, Citisoft

Gernot Schmidt, Product Manager, Regulation, SimCorp

Eduard Claassen, Project Portfolio Manager, MN

Alex Hammond, Managing Editor, bobsguide [moderator]

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