Salmon Software Treasury Insider Interview with Sean Grace, Group Treasurer of Securitas

22 August 2018

Sean Grace started his career in corporate treasury at ESB, the Irish Electricity Supply Board.  Sean moved on to become a Consultant with FTI Treasury, and later Treasury and Risk Manager at Aer Lingus. Sean is now Group Treasurer at Securitas, a world leader in Security Services. Listed and headquartered in Stockholm, Securitas employs around 350,000 people in 55 countries. Based in Dublin’s IFSC, the Securitas Group Treasury Centre is responsible for all funding and treasury activities of the Securitas Group.

Sean Grace, Group Treasurer of Securitas

As an accountant (Certified Public Accountant),  he holds a First-Class Honours MSc in Investment and Treasury from Dublin City University (DCU). He has also lectured on corporate treasury at DCU. He serves on the Executive Board of Financial Services Ireland and chairs the Corporate Treasury working group. Sean is a member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers (MCT) and a former President of the Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers (IACT).

Salmon Software managed to grab 5 minutes of Sean's valuable time, during his very busy day to get a quick insight into his views on running Treasury in today’s world.

Salmon Software Insider Interview 

Salmon Software: What do you see as the big issues facing treasury management and your sector today or coming down the tracks?

SG: Regulation, tax, and potentially currency controls, particularly in Emerging Markets. Globalisation appears to be in reverse.

Salmon Software: How do you see technology helping to address these?

SG: Technology empowers treasurers, making them more informed and more responsive, thus helping to mitigate risk.

Salmon Software: What has been the biggest change in the treasury management function over the last five years?

SG: Aside from impressive advances in technology, Corporate Treasury is now regulated for the first time, thanks to EMIR.

Salmon Software: Is the corporate treasurer playing an increasing role in corporate decision making and if so why do you think this is happening?

SG: It’s difficult to generalise. Like in other areas, it depends a lot on the skills and ambition of the treasurer, the culture of the organisation and their relationship with senior management. Treasurers’ unique perspective on the dynamics of the business is a valuable resource.

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