Editor's picks: the highlights of Sibos 2017 and Money 20/20

By Alex Hammond | Toronto & Las Vegas, 27 October 2017

Following two weeks packed with travelling and conferencing for the bobsguide team, the editor picks the best highlights of Sibos and Money 20/20; the largest events in digital finance this year. 

Sibos 2017: The emergence of SWIFT gpi and the future of correspondent banking

Alex Hammond, Editor, bobsguide

In one of the livelier panel discussions on Day One of Sibos 2017, Stefan Dab, Senior Partner and Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group led a conversation examining the future of correspondent banking, and specifically the pain points corporate treasurers face in their cross-border payments operations and where technology can be developed to alleviate these.


Sibos 2017: The death of 'rip and replace' digital transformation: Nadeem Syed interview

Alex Hammond, Editor, bobsguide

The Finastra CEO sits down with bobsguide to discuss banks’ changing approach to overhauling legacy systems


Sibos 2017: How blockchain may transform capital markets

Alex Hammond, Editor, bobsguide

In one of the most eagerly received announcements of Sibos 2017 so far, today Broadridge Financial Solutions revealed the successful completion of an operational test case which demonstrates the capabilities of blockchain technology to enhance the operational efficiency and auditability of bilateral repurchase agreements.

The pilot was conducted in collaboration with Natixis and Société Générale.


Money 20/20: Adoption of digital banking, omnichannel payments and Star Wars

Vicky Beckett, Editor, GTNews

It’s clear that mobile-first consumers are leading the industry and revolutionising retail banking and personal finances.

New companies are constantly challenging incumbent banks by providing specialised digital solutions such as budgeting, easy wealth management and payment habits that allow a consumer to easily track their finances.


Money 20/20: Deregulation of the payments industry

Alara Basul, Reporter, bobsguide

On the third day of the annual Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas the power of blockchain and the deregulation of the US payments industry were hot topics.

Deregulation of the US payments industry was a hot topic at Money 20/20 as open banking regulations are pushing for change.


Money 20/20: The future of AI, machine learning and fintech partnerships

Vicky Beckett, Editor, GTNews

The halls of the annual Money20/20 conference in Vegas this year were packed out as guests filled up not one but two overspill halls on October Sunday 22.

“Machine learning is the future of business growth,” argued Dr Matt Wood, part of the Technical Leadership Team for Amazon Web Services, leading a session titled ‘Artificial intelligence & the cloud: getting down to business’.

Amazon employs thousands of engineers to work on artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics and Wood argues that you can see the success of this investment in the growth of Amazon Prime as an example.

He quoted science fiction writer, William Gibson, saying: “The future is here, it is just not evenly distributed yet”.


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