MORS Software delivers ALM and FTP software to Hoist Finance

Helsinki - 18 October 2017

  • Hoist Finance expands use of MORS solution to include MORS Balance Sheet Manager (BSM) and Funds Transfer Price (FTP) Manager modules
  • Hoist Finance integrates all financial agreements into MORS for liquidity, profitability and interest rate risk management
  • MORS BSM provides Hoist Finance with a comprehensive Asset and Liability Management (ALM) platform, to analyze and report Key Performance Indicators of the entire bank
  • MORS FTP enables pre-pricing of financial assets and profit attribution analysis across business units 

MORS Software delivers MORS Balance Sheet Manager (BSM) and Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP) software to Hoist Finance, a leading pan-European debt restructuring partner to international banks, with operations in 11 countries across Europe. In addition to the existing MORS Treasury system at Hoist Finance, the installation of MORS BSM and MORS FTP, enables Treasury, Asset & Liability Management and Finance departments to measure and analyze key performance and risk indicators of the entire bank. All this is achieved from one system, with the possibility to analyze contributing factors on a granular level. 

“Hoist Finance is continuously taking steps towards becoming a leading debt restructuring partner to international banks across Europe. For the last years we have expanded our business by adding new portfolios and entering new markets and that strategy remains going forward. Therefore, we need solid, well-functioning and scalable support systems. During the years we have found MORS being a reliable partner using their system for our treasury management. Now we are expanding the cooperation by adding MORS balance sheet management and funds transfer pricing (FTP) and consequently we now have one system covering both monitoring and forecasting of key performance risk indicators across our balance sheet, says Magnus Linnersand, Group Head of Treasury at Hoist Finance.”

Mika Mustakallio, CEO, MORS Software, affirms that: “MORS Software is pleased to provide Hoist Finance with a balance sheet management solution that offers them complete visibility on their performance and risk analytics across their entire balance sheet. MORS Balance Sheet Manager (BSM), delivers the analytics to support Hoist Finance in their capital planning process going forward. We are also pleased that Hoist Finance has expanded their MORS solution to include Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP) alongside their MORS Treasury system.” 

MORS Software provides Treasury, Risk, Liquidity & ALM solutions for banks. 

MORS offers integrated real-time analytics for treasury, risk, liquidity and dynamic Asset and Liability Management (ALM). Breaking silos, MORS holistic approach enables monitoring of key liquidity and interest rate risk metrics across treasury and banking book.

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