Invacio™'s Archimedes™ Experimental AI Trading Systems Poised to Show 200% Annual Return

16 October 2017

Archimedes™, Invacio™'s Experimental AI Trading Systems has shown almost no-stop growth over the past 2 months of operating.

Archimedes™ has been designed always to push an advantage so that gains are maximised; yet under the expert supervision of Andres Pedraza, Invacio™'s COO, there are also rules of equity management in place to ensure that drawdowns are kept to a minimum. As the Archimedes™ fund grows the experiment will further broaden to apply longer-term trading strategies.

Archimedes™ or Archie (as we internally call it) is the integration of several of Invacio™’s AI systems, not only do we utilise Agnes™, we build upon it to unleash full AI on the markets. Archimedes™ is a Friends and Family Macro Experiment (not open to investment by the general public at this time) that is continuously being enhanced, as well as expanding in scope. We are achieving returns on par with leading hedge funds.

Originally a purely reactive stock trading system, set up to monitor live feeds, news and social media, and working primarily with self generating Markov Models by sentiment analysis, Archimedes™ has naturally evolved so it now covers all the major markets (including Commodities, Equities, and Foreign Exchange (Forex) and has integrated a number of key elements from our short and long term predictive system, Agnes™. Immediately able to adapt to changes in market conditions, to read and sentiment analyse and respond to the written and spoken word, with historical and real-time data on every instrument, able to track news, analyst coverage, social media mentions, financials, industry-specific trends, satellite feeds, weather reports, regional conflicts, natural disasters, and many more, Archimedes™ has become a formidable technology.


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