Maple-Brown Abbott, VicSuper, Asgard, Best-Performing Growth Funds - Morningstar

23 March 2017

The majority of Australian superannuation growth funds recorded double-digit returns over the year to 28 February 2017. The median fund returned a respectable 10.4 percent for the year, individual results ranging from 14.6 down to 8.3 percent. Maple-Brown Abbott was the best-performing growth fund for the year, returning 14.6 percent, followed by VicSuper Growth (12.5 percent), Asgard Balanced (12.3 percent), REST Super Diversified (12.2 percent) and Aon Balanced (12.1 percent). Median results over ​the longer term were 6.7 percent over the three years, 9.4 percent over the five years and 4.5 percent over the 10 years to 28 February 2017.

Within the ​MySuper options, HOSTPLUS Balanced (14.3 percent) was the top performer over the year to 28 February 2017, followed by AustralianSuper Balanced (13.2 percent), Russell Balanced Opportunities (12.9 percent), and CBUS Super Growth (12.5 percent).

The best-performing balanced (40.0 - 60.0 percent growth assets) superfunds over the year to 28 February were REST Super Balanced (9.6 percent), Energy Super Capital Managed (9.5 percent), AMP Capital Moderately Conservative (9.0 percent), and​ EISS Super MySuper Balanced (8.7 percent).

Growth assets produced generally positive results over the month of February. Australian listed property was the best-performing growth asset class (4.1 percent), followed by global listed property (3.2 percent), Australian equities (2.2 percent), and global equities (1.4 percent).

Multisector growth superfunds’ average allocation to equities at 31 January 2017 was 56.0 percent, 25.8 percent Australian and 30.2 percent global, while the average property exposure was 8.8 percent. Defensive assets totalled 26.0 percent on average (9.1 percent domestic bonds, 8.4 percent international, and 8.5 percent cash).

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