FIX Flyer releases “Freemium” Version of its Powerful FIX Engine

New York, NY - 14 March 2017

FIX Flyer, a financial technology company connecting the buy-side and sell-side, today announced a free version of its high performance FIX engine.

The release of Flyer’s Freemium version gives organizations free access to an enterprise, commercial-grade FIX engine for rapid prototyping on strategic initiatives, such as new liquidity sources, trading venues and market data sources, new trading and order routing strategies, or other greenfield projects and platform enhancements.

“Our engine is great for rapidly building advanced trading apps. We’re the best engine for ZeroGC, deterministic performance, and shared memory data structs with out-of-the-box custom business logic and operational control,” said Flyer’s CTO, Randy Prager. “Now engineers at organizations around the globe can evaluate our engine hassle-free.”

Recognizing that strategic projects require industry leading, commercially supported technology, firms may now use Flyer’s engine to quickly respond to business needs with rapidly prototyped solutions that can be instantly scaled up to mission-critical production deployments. The Freemium version gives the organization the power to be successful, including key benefits such as deterministic high performance, high scalability, and extreme stability, all backed by the leading experts in FIX software and managed services.

The Freemium version gives organizations access to:

  • Support for all FIX versions including 4.0 to 5.0 sp3;
  • Configurable protocol transformation and message translations;
  • Sophisticated integration APIs, such as JAVA, .NET, C#, C++, Python and others;
  • No downtime for intraday reconfigurations; and
  • Extensive documentation and sample configurations ready to run out of the box.

“If you want a great engine with a world class FIX support team backing up a free evaluation, we’re the team for you. This release provides a new alternative to the developer market wanting to rapidly build new messaging solutions for new initiatives as well as those considering migrating from costly existing platforms to build a better future”, said Brian Ross, CEO.

For more information about the Flyer FIX engine and download it, please go to

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