MiFID II, PSD2, GDPR: 12 months of regulation reviewed | Fintech Recap 2017

By Alex Hammond | 11 December 2017

Tech buzzwords such as AI and blockchain have certainly garnered plenty of attention in the past year, and quite rightly so. But no single trend, objective, or concern has piqued the interest of the bobsguide community more in 2017 than regulation compliance, particularly in relation to three of the most significant pieces of legislation to affect financial services in recent times with implementation dates looming on the horizon in early 2018: MiFID II, PSD2, and GDPR.

Shrinking IT budgets are being squeezed on all sides, due to multiple factors including increased spend on cybersecurity and the overwhelming need to innovate and/or replace legacy technology to keep pace with new, more agile, digitally native competitors.

Throw in the additional factor that fines for non-compliance are greatly increased for MiFID II, PSD2, and GDPR, and it is easy to see why these regulations have proved to be such a headache financial services.

Regtech SaaS partners that provide comprehensive compliance solutions in budget are vital for FIs, many of whom are still trying to understand the full implications of the regulations.

So just what do MiFID II, PSD2, and GDPR demand of financial services, and how should financial services go about complying with the legislations in a cost-effect manner? Read our compliance articles of the year to find out.


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