Somerset CPAs Take an ‘App’ Approach To Get Ahead Of The Curve

3 August 2017

Firm offers clients expert financial tools on the go

Somerset, the Indianapolis-based accounting, tax and advisory team of forward-thinking CPAs and Advisors, is one of the first firms in the US to launch an App that will make it easier to communicate with clients and collect information in a world where the Smartphone rules. This ‘App’ approach puts Somerset ahead of the curve and demonstrates that with Smartphone penetration now at 90% in the US (source Gartner), the firm understands the importance of having a solution to engage with clients and prospects on their mobile devices.

Having an icon for the Somerset App immediately visible when clients open their Smartphones or Tablets is set to simplify and streamline access, by bringing together all of a client’s accounts, finance and tax information, tools, calculators and systems in one easy accessible place. Recent research found that workers yearn for a simpler, more personalised way to interact; with 62% delaying the completion of tasks that require logging into multiple systems.

Scott Mills, Managing Director of IT, Somerset CPAs says: “The development of a custom App is something we have been considering for some time and we see it as a real differentiator. Many firms in the US don’t have anything like it and it is helping Somerset get ahead of the curve and do something a little bit different.”

Somerset turned to the winner of the best new online App in Accounting Today’s list of top new products for 2017, MyFirmsApp, to develop the App. The company has built over 2000 Apps for accounting firms – 30 of the UK’s top 100 accounting firms have one - that help solve the challenge of direct communication and the collection of client data in today’s digital world.

“Having an App is proving to be a very effective differentiator for the firm,” comments Lori Ehlin, Marketing Manager, Somerset CPAs. “We aren’t aware of any other firm in our peer group that has an App and it’s a very powerful conversation piece. The App reinforces that we want to be a go-to resource for our clients. The feedback we have received from both clients and prospects has been very positive.”

More than just a conversation piece, the App is helps the firm to communicate quickly and easily on a one-to-one basis by automating the delivery to individuals and groups of personalised messages – which immediately ‘ping’ onto the home screen of client’s mobile device. A 93% open rate means that these ‘push notification’ messages are almost always read – typically, within minutes of delivery, and they provide a great opportunity for firms to distribute content including educational pieces as Somerset CPAs is doing.

Because an App tracks, which tools and services clients are using, it will create opportunities for the firm to respond more quickly and appropriately to client needs.

Joel Oliver, CEO, MyFirmsApp, said: “Somerset CPAs is a real trailblazer and digital pioneer with the creation of a custom App that tells the world it recognises that the way we all conduct business is changing and it wants to make it easier for clients to work with the firm.”

By improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Somerset CPAs’ communication and marketing with new and existing clients, the new App will facilitate client acquisition, collaboration, engagement and retention, and build brand strength. It will also cement the firm’s role as a trusted and authoritative adviser to business – and position it as an innovator.

MyFirmsApp™is a global FinTech company that is widely recognised as the world leader in App and mobile technology in the Professional Service sector and provides a mobile branded presence for those wanting to engage with their clients, prospects, partners and team members via their Smartphones.

MyFirmsApp was named as the best new online App by the influential US publication, Accounting Today in its’ list of top new products for 2017. Editors made the point that although ‘accounting firms can create new tools, it’s just easier and more efficient to let someone else do it for you and MyFirmsApp is a great example of that’. ‘MyFirmsApp is ready to do it quickly and easily.’

CPA Practice Advisor also gave MyFirmsApp an ‘honorable mention’ in its’ annual Tax & Accounting Technology Innovation Awards 2017.

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