Fintech in 2017 recap: The most read thought leadership articles of the year so far

By Alex Hammond | 28 August 2017

In case you missed it... the industry opinion that has generated the most interest on bobsguide in 2017 to date.

Don’t become SAP’s next multi-million pound target for indirect usage

Matt Fisher - Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Snow Software

Many customers have a form of love/ hate relationship with their software providers. While they love the functionality and how it empowers their company to operate and even gain competitive advantage, everyone grumbles about the rising costs.

This is certainly true for SAP, which has long been a business-critical piece of technology for many organisations, and is often perceived as a necessary evil for CFOs forced to manage its growing cost. But now the company appears to be taking its relationship with its customers to a new level.

How community banks can compete in the wake of Dodd-Frank revisions

Natallia Babrovich - Business Analyst, ScienceSoft

Soon after being elected, Donald Trump signed an executive order for the US Treasury Department to revise the Dodd-Frank Act. This news arose tremendous enthusiasm among community banks, since they had been very seriously affected by this post-crisis legislative act. But what do challenger banks hope this revision will achieve? 

The missing MiFID II info: Costs and charges transparency definitions; your questions answered

Hans van der Linde - Head of Operations & Business Development, targit GmbH

Although the framework regarding the ex-ante and ex-post cost transparency seems to be well defined by ESMA in MiFID II, a number of questions remain unanswered and leave the directive open for misinterpretation, confusion and potential conflicts between customers and their financial institutions or brokers.

In this article we try to provide the ingredients to help you understand the transparency obligation and its impact on both consumers and your business.

The top five influencing trends in investment banking in 2017

Laurent Chemla - Principal Consultant, Adsatis ltd

The second half of 2016 suggested that the outlook for the investment banking industry was positive, with the U.S banks leading the way as FICC revenues began to recover. Many commentators are suggesting that the golden days of banking are over and that the combination of digital disruption and the modern regulatory burdens mean that investment banking is an industry in decline. We have a more optimistic outlook – there’s no doubt that the industry will need to reinvent itself, but the industry has historically been good at this.

The EU’s 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive and its implication for business

Wayne Johnson - Co-Founder and CEO, Encompass Corporation

The effects of enhanced regulations on the financial services industry will be significant. HM Treasury is currently consulting on the implementation of AML4 into UK law. Despite voting to leave the EU, the way in which AML4 is implemented here in the UK is unlikely to change.

So how does AML4 differ from AML3, what steps should business be taking to ensure they are fully compliant, and are there any, perhaps unintended, consequences that business should be aware of?

How PSD2 is changing the face of payments

Daniela Eder - Cash Management Business Development Manager, BNY Mellon

Technological innovation – driven by the emergence of a tech-hungry generation – has become a huge catalyst for change across the financial services industry. Certainly, the payments space has altered significantly in recent years, with new players including fintechs and challenger banks entering the market, and increasingly sophisticated digital solutions coming to the fore.

It is crucial that regulation works in tandem with the evolving market to ensure it remains fit for purpose and can effectively address the needs of the environment. And in recognition of the degree of change taking place, European legislators are revising and updating the Payment Services Directive (PSD).



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