The Tiny ICO You Missed That Might Just Change the World

24 August 2017

“$150 Million raised in 52 seconds,” “Sold out in 7.5 Seconds,” and “Thousands of Frustrated Investors Locked Out”. These are the types of headlines that have been fueling the recent ICO craze. Initial Coin Offerings for new cryptocurrencies are designed to maximize buzz and satisfy the urge to get in on the “next big thing”.

Unfortunately, many of these ICOs have yet to accomplish much beyond upgrading the lifestyles of their founders and promoters. And while the numbers sound impressive, the ICO fever has barely made a splash beyond the borders of the tiny pond called “crypto”.

However, in May of this year, a barely hyped ICO took place. Called VIVA, you most likely didn't hear a word about it. After all, the team behind it had less than $6,000 for marketing and no major publications gave them coverage. It took them 21 days to raise a little over $600K,
and now they're poised to deliver some astonishing results.

VIVA's vision is to reduce economic inequality by leveraging blockchain technologies in a way that provides long-term financial security for ordinary people around the globe.

We reached out to Dawn Parker-Waites, CEO of VIVA, and asked her some questions:

Why didn't anyone hear about you, and why did you raise so little?

“Well, to be honest, I think we did exceptionally well, given the limitations in time and resources. This ICO was for VIVA Crowns - a very powerful software license which grants significant influence within the VIVAconomy. They were expensive and were only available on our TradeQwik exchange.”

What were you trying to accomplish, and was the raise sufficient?

“First of all, we were working to spread the word about VIVA especially with early adopters and entrepreneurs. We accomplished that very well. And second, we needed to raise the funds to guarantee the development costs for the first phase. We did that too.”

Why is VIVA so Earth shattering, and when will people be able to see concrete results?

“VIVA is much more than a cryptocurrency. It is an entire economic platform that turns the traditional financial sector upside down. Not only does it facilitate the growth of new blockchain business applications, but each and every transaction helps build longterm financial stability for all of the people that participate in the VIVAconomy. As for results, we are currently planning the launch for some of the first products we promised.”

Is it too late to get on board?

“No, of course not. People interested in securing an important position within the VIVAconomy can visit our website and follow the instructions to become VIVA Crown Holders. I would strongly suggest downloading our Executive Summary and from there our white paper.”

For detailed information on how the VIVAconomy works, readers should visit and download the project's executive summary. Media requests should be directed to Dennis Lewis by email at

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