Editor's picks: Fintech and the cloud

By Alex Hammond | 18 August 2017

“Before too long we won’t be using the term ‘in-memory computing’, in-memory computing will just be called computing”: Abe Kleinfeld interview

Alex Hammond, Managing Editor, bobsguide

In an exclusive interview to bobsguide, the president and CEO of GridGain Systems explains why the speed and scale capabilities of in-memory computing will compel financial services to switch their data solutions.

Five ways banks can stand out in a digital landscape

Dan Rowinski, Digital Analyst, Applause

Competition between retail banks remains fierce, particularly as challenger banks and fintech players begin to take market share. In a low interest rate environment, and with bank incentives few and far between, an attractive (and secure) digital offering can often be the difference between winning and losing business.

So how can banks truly digitally differentiate themselves? Bank app and online functionality is often similar across the major players, but there are some key areas in which banks can steal a march on their competitors.

An asset manager’s human capital and technology strategy: Key factors to consider

David Fernandes, Head of Middle Office, HedgeGuard

With the increase in regulations and costs within the asset management industry, the alignment between Front and Middle Office functions has been a key focus point for managers. This increased regulatory burden has also led to a formalisation of responsibilities within the middle office. As the complexity of products grows with the proliferation of data, it has become essential for managers to build scalable infrastructures whilst remaining cost efficient. It is now fund investors who are pushing for managers to adopt outsourced solutions which offer access to quick to adapt open architectures.

WORM compliant storage in the cloud: Putting the finance industry on Cloud 9 

Bill Tolson, Vice President, Marketing, Archive360

To meet SEC Rule 17 a-4 requirements*, the financial industry has long been forced into buying extremely expensive (overpriced), management-intensive, on-premise storage software and hardware technology. Then came high-priced cloud archives, where you were locked-into the platform, with ridiculously high penalties should you have the gall to want to leave. So what is the better solution?

Payments-Platform-as-a-Service: A sea-change in payments hub delivery 

Dagan Osovlansky, Group Leader, Product Management, D+H

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is now a standard delivery model across many industries—even financial services firms, representing a major shift in perspective.  The payments space, in particular, shows signs of further evolution of the delivery model. Banks and financial institutions faced with the classic challenges of implementing and maintaining a payments hub are now exploring a new service delivery model concept known as Payments-Platform-as-a-Service (PPaaS).

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