RegTech Report reveals what banks are buying, where and why

15 August 2017

MarketFintech, the market intelligence firm, is delighted to announce the publication of the 2nd edition RegTech Supplier Performance Report, featuring some 50 RegTech suppliers.

With over 50,000 regulatory documents published across the G20 since 2009, and an average of 45 new documents every week, we must assume that the future of banking will be driven by technological developments.  MiFID 2 alone has generated 30,000 pages of regulatory text.  The complexity of the task facing compliance practitioners in understanding and interpreting the volume, variety and velocity of regulation and capturing this knowledge cumulatively and systematically is nothing short of daunting.

The report reveals what solutions are gaining market traction and where in the world, what types of institutions are deploying them and why, plus scope of solutions and areas of compliance addressed.  The report provides regulatory technology buyers with the required performance data on RegTech solution providers in order to make an informed decision.  Sales performance data works back to 2014 through to 2017.

A significant hurdle for compliance teams is how they justify the investment spend in new technology to senior management and prove to their seniors that the cost / benefit equation will actually work.  

“Identifying the right players is a first natural step for many organisations when making a major purchase decision.”  Comments author Tina Snelling.   “And up until the introduction of this yearly report, there has been no resource that accomplishes this in any factual way.  In addition, many of these RegTech solution providers are privately held, and privately held companies aren’t required to report their revenue publicly and revenue is not broken down by product.”

How does the report rank the suppliers?

The report authors have developed a custom formula that was used to rank the solutions in the overall ranking and for each category and section. The formula is based on year established, number of users, global deployment, and product go-to-market dates.

Report contents:

·       Supplier rankings by compliance issues addressed plus scope of solution

·       Who’s buying?

·       Who is going to survive in RegTech?

·       Biggest block to innovation?

·       Are firms struggling to deploy new RegTech effectively?

·       Most significant barriers to RegTech adoption

·       Next major innovations in RegTech

·       Ignorance is no longer bliss.  In fact, it just became a criminal offense.

·       Making laws and regulations SMART using RegTech

·       Points of View - views on innovation and barriers to market from global RegTech firms

·       Time from lead to production live

·       And more.

Click here to purchase the RegTech Supplier Performance Report.

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