Top interviews from Q1 2017 part two: MangoPay, Moven, Barclays, LexisNexis and Margaris Advisory

By Alex Hammond | 17 April 2017

1. "Because of PSD2 we might see a number of companies enter the tri-party payments space in an effort to maintain growth, but there is a lot of work they’ll have to do to catch up to where we are": James Morton, Mangopay Country Head UK & NL

The crowdfunding and marketplace model industries have blossomed in recent years, with companies such as Airbnb acting as a shining example to a raft of similar companies looking to follow in its footsteps.

With the explosion of this new type of marketplace comes a need for a payments solution that specialises in the transactions these companies require on a daily basis. James Morton, Mangopay’s country head UK & NL, sat down with bobsguide to give his unique perspective on the fast-evolving tri-party payments market, and explain how being a fintech specifically founded to serve the tri-party market gives Mangopay an advantage over its competition.


2. The influencer interview: Brett King, best-selling author, keynote speaker and CEO and founder of Moven

Brett King is an author, keynote speaker, radio host and most importantly, an innovator. He is also the founder and CEO of digital banking app Moven. With a wealth of experience in the fintech industry, Brett understands what banks need and when they need it. His areas of expertise include innovation, technology disruption and customer experience.

When he’s not running Moven’s New York office, he can be found writing for his upcoming book, the sixth he has written, titled BANK 4.0, or hosting his radio show on Breaking Banks Radio (an internet talk-radio network with over nine million monthly listeners). His first book BANK 2.0 was published in 2010, and has since topped Amazon’s banking best-sellers in a multitude of countries including the US, UK and Japan, and has spent more than two years in the global top ten charts.

bobsguide caught up with the down to earth entrepreneur to discuss his outlook on the banking sector, where the fintech industry is heading, and his thoughts on AI.

3. "There has never been a piece of regulation as broad and as far reaching as MiFID II": Matthew Coupe, Director, Market Structure, Barclays and Co-Chair Regional Committee & EMEA Regulatory Subcommittee, FIX

Matthew Coupe is director of market structure for the European Markets at Barclays, based in London. He advises the markets division on future regulatory change, forms the advocacy position of the markets division on areas of regulatory change, and engages with politicians, trade associations, regulatory bodies and clients to make sure this is articulated effectively.

Prior to joining Barclays in March 2015, Matthew was director of regulation and market structure EMEA at Nice Actimize with overall responsibility for sales and marketing, and analysing the effects of new regulation on existing and new clients.

In additional to his role at Barclays, Matthew also co-chairs the FIX EMEA Regulatory Subcommittee. A regulatory specialist, he is an expert in high-frequency trading and market surveillance in the post-MiFID landscape and their implications for trading desks and compliance departments. Bobsguide sat down with the industry expert to discuss MIFID II, industry predictions and highlights from the FIX Trading conference.


4. LexisNexis Risk Solutions Q&A on financial inclusion

Bobsguide spoke to Thomas C. Brown, Senior Vice President, U.S. Commercial Markets and Global Market Development, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, to discuss the issue of financial inclusion for businesses and consumers, and how better data processing can assist assessing risk, opening a new market up for financial services firms





5. The influencer interview: Spiros Margaris, Venture capitalist and founder of Margaris Advisory

Spiros Margaris has been ranked as the #1 global fintech influencer by Onalytica, and #2 as Insurtech influencer, also by Onalytica. He’s a regular speaker at international fintech conferences and also a senior advisor to the Fintech forum.

And it’s easy to see why. Spiros’ immense credibility, extensive industry knowledge, and all-around likeability are just some of the reasons he has developed a reputation as one of the fintech industry experts whose opinion you have to know. All of the factors were prevalent when we spoke to the venture capitalist and founder of Margaris Advisory to gauge his views on the current state, and future, of the fintech industry. 





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