Top five interviews from Q1 2017, part one: BNP Paribas, Monzo, Equiniti, SunTec and Novofina

By Alara Basul | 14 April 2017

Bobsguide is committed to speaking to industry leaders and experts in the financial services industry. Our interviews are a great way to start a conversation, discuss new innovations and address current topics in the fintech sector. If you missed these interviews when they were published, now's your chance to read them. Here are the top five interviews from Q1 2017.

 1.   BNP Paribas Fintech Development Director: “There is more to gain for both BNP Paribas and fintech start-ups through cooperation than competition”

Last month BNP Paribas announced that it was joining forces with Silicon Valley-based tech accelerator scheme Plug and Play to develop future fintech partners to assist with its €3bn digital transformation project. Laurent Herbillon, Director of Development & Cooperation for Start-ups, Fintechs & Insurtechs, spoke exclusively to bobsguide, giving his thoughts on how the partnership will give the bank an edge in the race to become more digitally evolved.




 2. “If we do our job right, we will make some of the high street banks extinct”: Monzo CEO Tom Blomfield on the future of the banking industry

In 2013, Tom Blomfield was recognised as one of the top five entrepreneurs under 30 by the European Commission, following the success of his start-up direct debit solution GoCardless. Two years later, he co-founded Monzo, a ‘smart’ bank aimed to help consumers strategically manage money and keep track of their finances. In February 2016, Monzo set the record for the quickest crowd-funding campaign in history, raising £1m in 96 seconds via Crowdcube.

Businesses and the way we approach our finances are changing, a fact that Tom is extremely aware of. With Monzo only being founded two years ago, the smart bank works with a range of providers to create an intelligent banking hub for your financial life. In a short period of time it has already made a significant impact on the way millennials manage their finances from their smartphones.

Bobsguide spoke to the entrepreneur to find out more about his background, developing fintech start-ups, and what is the next stage on Monzo’s global conquest blueprint.


 3.  “Before too long we won’t be using the term ‘in-memory computing’, in-memory computing will just be called computing”: Abe Kleinfeld interview

In an exclusive interview to bobsguide, the president and CEO of GridGain Systems explains why the speed and scale capabilities of in-memory computing will compel financial services to switch their data solutions.




4.  “India’s cash crisis is a short term pain for a long term gain”: Interview with Amit Dua, Executive VP of SunTec

Amit Dua has stocked up a wealth of experience in the financial services industry. He’s been at the core of the market for 25 years, working on a myriad of projects, and has a proven track record of opening new markets and growing existing ones.

We spoke to the recently-appointed executive vice president of SunTec (now President) on his views on digital banking, changing customer experience and India’s demonetisation struggles. 

Amit also discusses his background and how he got started in the industry, his thoughts on innovation and banking and pin-points why India's road to a cashless society is a bold move. 


5.  “Thanks to pressure from fintechs, wealth management services are finally being forced to offer good products for their clients”: Novofina CEO Harald Helnwein interview 

Harald Helwein is one of the most well-known and respected wealth management figures in Central Europe, after whom an algorithm-based trading system is named.

He is also a strong advocate of clients getting a fairer deal from their wealth management services, which was the motivation behind launching investing fintech Novofina in 2013.

In an exclusive interview, Harald sat down with bobsguide to discuss Novofina launching in the UK, the role AI is set to play in wealth management, and why there is going to be a seismic shift in the way wealth managers will have to treat their clients.


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