Hello Soda announces partnership with Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. to Deliver Enhanced Consumer Insights

28 September 2016

Hello Soda, the global big data analytics firm, has today formalized an agreement with Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. (DMS) to provide DMS clients with access to Hello Soda’s PROFILE analytics engine.  The partnership aligns the two companies in parallel with Hello Soda’s expansion into North America and the September opening of an office in Austin, Texas.

PROFILE enables companies to harness the power of big data to verify ID and detect fraud, increase financial inclusion, and personalize the user experience by delivering unique consumer insights that traditional data can’t, such as life events, personality, and interests.  PROFILE uses advanced analytics techniques including Bayesian Belief Networks, natural language processing, machine learning, and psycholinguistics to derive real-time meaning from consumers’ digital footprints in a simple, easy-to use way that empowers and benefits both businesses and consumers.

PROFILE provides alternative and supplementary ways to verify consumer identity which enable businesses to reach millions of consumers that traditional data doesn’t cover via a multi-pronged approach. Through analyzing corroborative data (consistencies across the digital footprint like recorded Date of Birth), quality of data (interactions with others that support identity claims, for example 9 years of ‘Happy Birthday’ posts on the same date), and quantity of data (the amount of data including age of the digital footprint and how much unstructured data is available on the user.) With consumer consent, PROFILE connects to their digital footprint and utilizes these advanced processes to analyze multiple sources of unstructured data and return indicators that help support effective business decisions and boost financial inclusion.

PROFILE provides a unique data set that includes:

  • Identity confidence indicators
  • Personality scoring
  • Interests & Hobbies
  • Visibility into thin-file consumers
  • Indicators of fraudulent activity
  • Real-time life event alerts
  • Consumer’s location
  • Employment verification

Access to PROFILE data will be available through Data Access Point™ by DMS, a cutting-edge connectivity hub that offers clients flexibility when using both traditional and alternative data sources.

“We are delighted to commence this partnership with Digital Matrix Systems. At Hello Soda, we are passionate about empowering both businesses and consumers and share these values with DMS, an innovative company determined to deliver value through data,” said James Blake, founder and CEO of Hello Soda. 

“We are pleased to announce our strategic relationship with Hello Soda as they continue their growth in the U.S.,” said David Graves, DMS executive vice president. 

“The unique analysis of consumers’ digital footprints that they provide will help our clients gain value from unstructured and underutilized data.  Our companies share a mutual interest in deriving insights from data that helps strengthen business decisions, and this partnership aligns with our ongoing commitment to provide our clients with access to a strategic and diverse set of data sources.”

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