VSoft Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary as a Leading Provider of Financial Services

Atlanta, GA - 7 March 2016

VSoft Corporation, a global provider of information and technology solutions for financial institutions, celebrates 20 years of supporting customers with industry leading software. Founded in 1996, the co-founders, Murthy Veeraghanta and Shekar Viswanathan, remain in leadership today.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., VSoft serves financial institutions of all sizes in the United States and globally. With more than 2,600 customers today, the company has succeeded by adapting to evolving technology and supporting dynamic solutions that meet key business strategies. Initially known for its payment processing solutions, VSoft has evolved into a diversified company offering a wide variety of products and services. The company continues to remain competitive with a complete suite of payment processing solutions, including RDC, a core banking platform, CoreSoftTM, and a new digital banking platform, IRISTM.

Since 1996, their customers have appreciated continuous product updates not only in additional feature functionality, but also a complete shift in the underlying technologies. VSoft is unique in the industry whereby, they have gone through three generational shifts in underlying technologies from client/server in 1990s, ASP browser in 2000s, and .NET technologies in the earlier part of this decade. Year 2014 marked another milestone year because they re-invented their platform yet again using HTML 5.0. IRISTM Digital Banking is the latest example of VSoft’s dedication to provide innovative, user-friendly solutions to their customers.

“We appreciate the relationships we have developed over the past 20 years,” said Murthy Veeraghanta, chairman and CEO of VSoft Corporation. “There is no doubt that our customers are the reason we have reached such an important milestone in VSoft’s story. As we look to the future, our commitment to reinvest in our technology and provide innovative solutions for our customers, will remain a top priority. The strength and longevity of our partnerships will give us the competitive advantage as we enter into new markets. We greatly appreciate the loyalty and dedication shown to us over the years, and we look forward to developing new partnerships in the years to come.”

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