Tripwire Introduces Axon: Extensible Cyber Security Data Collection Platform

San Francisco, CA - 3 March 2016

Industry leader announces highly scalable platform designed to collect data across multiple security products 

Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of endpoint protection and response, security and compliance solutions, today introduced Axon, a multiservice, scalable, high-performance data collection platform. Axon is a unified, modular data collection platform designed to solve the challenges associated with accurate and complete security and compliance visibility across a broad range of enterprise systems. Axon will optimize the collection, aggregation and application of rich data and make it possible for users to collect endpoint data once and reuse it across multiple security and compliance controls. In addition to enterprise IT devices, the Axon platform will be optimized to address the unique challenges of monitoring and securing the growing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices on enterprise networks as well as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices.

Today, organizations deploy a multitude of agents on critical infrastructure and user devices, attempting to align data collection and security capabilities with asset criticality. The growth of cybercrime and nation-state cyberattacks, coupled with the proliferation of valuable business data across the extended enterprise, is driving the need for a new, scalable and modular solution. To collect the data required to protect the expanding number of widely dispersed physical, virtual, transient and embedded assets organizations need a solution that is easy to manage and deploy; they also need to be able to extract endpoint intelligence from every endpoint.

“Many organizations are grappling with the challenges of managing multiple data collection agents on a single device,” said Dwayne Melancon, CTO and vice president of research and development for Tripwire. “It’s difficult to optimize multiple agents on the same device for accurate, complete data collection without impacting performance or introducing operational risks. Up to this point, organizations have been forced to choose between collecting the detailed data necessary to support forensic and audit requirements or optimizing systems for performance, availability and reliability. The Axon platform is designed to address these problems without compromising on either data fidelity or operational performance.”

Axon is an innovative new approach that will adapt quickly to developing customer demands for cybersecurity. The new platform’s modular, pluggable architecture is designed to simplify the addition of new capabilities and security technologies as infrastructures shift and evolve. Axon also leverages Tripwire’s extensive expertise in delivering security solutions for critical infrastructure.

Applications developed using the Axon platform will deliver a range of key features:

  • Modular
  • Extensible
  • Scalable
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Bandwidth Requirements
  • Secure
  • Resilient

“Security threats targeting all types of endpoints continue to escalate, and many organizations don’t have the visibility necessary to detect and respond to breaches as they happen,” said Gus Malezis, president of Tripwire. “Our new platform bridges the information gap between security, compliance and IT operations solutions by making it possible to collect high-fidelity data from multiple security services on every endpoint across the organization using a single agent – this approach optimizes and reduces operations costs for our customers. This unique approach makes it possible for customers to overcome the challenges associated with translating the volume, velocity and variety of security data generated by multiple security technologies into actionable intelligence.”

Pricing and availability for the Axon platform is expected to be available later in 2016.

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